About Us

The guiding profession in India is considered a very noble profession and guides known to be cultural ambassadors to the country. Since time immemorial the guides have been providing safe and comfortable travel to different regions of the country. Present day guides continue this tradition by offering safe, enjoyable and exciting outdoor experiences for the most discerning and at times adventurous traveler. With the formal training and years of experience we are able to guide the traveler throughout India in a most lively manner and in an informative way. Guided tours are undertaken by the guides in a most safe and experienced manner be it a wide array of cultural tours, walking tours, culinary tours, village tours, and desert safari tours, textile tours along with tribal tours, adventure tours, trekking tours, wildlife tours and camping trips. Employing a professional guide gives you the opportunity to utilize the time in hand most efficiently by saving you the pains of learning by trial and error in a new country. They can help you on where to go, and also on where not to go. Guides can introduce even the most experienced vacationer to woods and waters that he might not otherwise venture upon. We are based in New Delhi and entitled to work throughout North India. GATGA Delhi is a magnificent team of qualified persons, proficient not only in regular needs of the profession, but also qualified for handling emergency situations and other sundry requirements. We have guides specializing in various fields like culture, adventure, wildlife, medical tourism, sports tourism and many more. Our approved guides’ fraternity welcomes the opportunity to show you the beauty and serenity that each unique region of India has to offer.